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Listed here are documents and websites that are useful for those who would like more in-depth information to that provided on this site and will be of interests to both patients and physicians alike. 


ENT-UK is the website for the British Association of Otolaryngologists, which provides guidance and guidelines for ENT surgeons in the UK. The site contains a number of useful patient information leaflets on various ENT conditions available for download.

Ménière's Society is the official society for people suffering with Ménière's disease. The website provides a lot of useful information on the condition as well as the latest in Ménière's disease research.

Fifth Sense is a charity aimed at people who have lost their sense of smell. It provides a very informative discourse on the sense of smell and its disorders and also on what treatment options are currently available. It, includes contact details of specialist smell clinics in the UK and worldwide.

British Tinnitus Association is an invaluable resource for patients suffering with troublesome tinnitus. The site contains the latest thinking in the field and provides advice on managing tinnitus and information on support groups.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) sets guidelines for a host of medical conditions, including many in ENT. Follow this link for their published guidelines in several common ENT conditions.

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