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New research published! My co-researchers and I have performed a cost-analysis of cochlear implantation in people deaf in both ears. We have shown that it potentially costs less to implant these people with two implants at the same time than do them one at a time, 6 months or more apart. This was based on data from my time in the US but will be of interest to cochlear implantation centres here in the uk as well. Read the paper's abstract here: Simultaneous versus sequential bilateral cochlear implants in adults: Cost-analysis in a US setting.


Proud to be the new resident ENT surgeon at Essex Dizziness & Balance Centre in Rochford where I will be running a regular dewaxing service and dizziness management support. Very happy to be part of this great team doing solid work in the management of local dizzy patients.



A book containing a chapter on ototoxicity (drugs that are toxic to hearing; Chapter 22) that I co-authored has now been published: Hearing: An Introduction & Practical Guide. The book is available on










Facebook page launched with weekly updates on all things ENT-related. Please like! Click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page or follow this link:

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