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My current research interest : persistent postural-perceptual dizziness (PPPD)

PPPD is a relatively new label for what is an age-old problem: chronic debilitating dizziness, which has gone under several monikers in the past, such as chronic subjective dizziness, psychogenic vertigo and visual vertigo. The rebranding of all of these under one new term PPPD is not simply renaming it once again, but goes hand in hand with strict criteria that have been devised to be able to give someone this label. In doing so, it helps to focus treatment strategies with hopefully better outcomes for both patients and physicians alike. I'm hoping to contribute to the current limited knowledge on this condition in the next coming months. My systematic review the current literature on PPPD is due out in Otology & Neurotology in the near future and is a must read for any medical practitioner involved in the management of the dizzy patient.

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