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Care following adenoidectomy and/or tonsillectomy

  1. No school or work for 2 weeks. You can return to school or work after 2 weeks.

  2. Get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activity for up to 2 weeks.

  3. Take your painkillers regularly as prescribed for the first 5 days regardless of whether you are in pain or not. Do not wait for the pain to come on. After 5 days you can then take them only when needed.

  4. Keep well hydrated with lots of fluids.

  5. Get back onto a regular diet as soon as possible (do not only eat soft foods like ice-cream and jelly, although these are allowed as well).

  6. At the first sign of bleeding from the mouth or nose, go to your nearest A&E Department for further treatment

  7. If you vomit up coffee grounds, go to your nearest A&E Department for further treatment.

  8. Avoid public areas for up to 2 weeks to prevent contracting an infection from someone; this may lead to bleeding.

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