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Care following ear surgery

​The following instructions apply if you have had one of the following ear operations:

- Myringoplasty

- Tympanoplasty

- Ossiculoplasty

- Stapedotomy or stapedectomy

- Tympanomastoidectomy (or any other type of mastoid surgery)

- Canaloplasty

After surgery

  1. Your ear has been packed with a medicated dressing (also called a wick). This must remain in your ear until it is removed in the clinic. 

  2. A head bandage may have been placed around your head. This can be taken off the morning after surgery and thrown away.

  3. A cotton wool ball has been placed into the bowl of your ear. This may be soaked with blood after the operation  and can be replaced on the morning after surgery. 

  4. Do not wash your hair for 2 days. After 2 days, keep your ears dry during showering or bathing by placing cotton wool smeared in Vaseline into the bowl of your ear. Do this until your first post-op visit with Mr. Trinidade.

  5. Your stitches are dissolvable and will not need to be removed.

  6. No school or work for up to 2 weeks. You can return to school or work after 1 week if you feel up to it.

  7. No lifting, pushing, bending, stooping, or use of a reclining chair for 2 weeks after surgery. From 2 to 6 weeks after surgery, do not lift anything heavier than a carton of milk. No strenuous exercising, and no activities that require straining for the first 6 weeks after surgery.

  8. Do not blow your nose for 6 weeks; if you must blow your nose, do so gently. If you have to sneeze, make sure that you sneeze with your mouth open.

  9. Avoid swimming for 6 weeks. 

  10. You can fly 6 weeks after the operation.

  11. If you develop an ear infection (usually in the form of an ear discharge), you will need a prescription for antibiotic ear drops (not oral antibiotics) for 1 week. Please inform either Mr. Trinidade or your doctor. 

  12. Your first post-operative visit with Mr. Trinidade will be at around 2 to 3 weeks following the operation.

After your first post-operative visit

  1. Keep your ears dry during showering or bathing by placing cotton wool smeared in Vaseline into the bowl of your ear for 4 more weeks. 

  2. Avoid swimming for 4 more weeks.

  3. You can shower, bathe and swim normally after 4 weeks. 

  4. After 4 weeks, start gently trying to pop your ears (except if you have had an ossiculoplasty, stapedectomy or stapedotomy). 

  5. Your next clinic appointment will be at around 3 months, at which point a hearing test will be performed. 

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