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Care following septoplasty

  1. You can expect to have a blood-stained discharge from your nose for up to 7 days after your surgery. This is normal. 

  2. The stitches in your nose are dissolvable and will not need to be removed.

  3. Avoid hot drinks and hot showers or baths for 2 days. Have your tea or coffee tepid and shower/bathe in tepid water instead. 

  4. Avoid blowing your nose for 1 week (or longer if you have been so advised)

  5. Start gently douching your nose with an alkaline saline douche 48 hours after surgery. Ideally, this will be done with a NeilMed Sinus Rinse bottle (See picture below). The douching mixture can be made up using either the pre-mixed NeilMed sachets or you can make your own solution by using the following recipe:

    • 1 non-heaped teaspoon of table salt

    • 1 non-heaped teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)

    • 1 pint of boiled, cooled water​

    • Mix all three in a bowl and fill the bottle with the solution

    • If you cannot get a NeilMed Sinurinse bottle, you may use the syringe provided to you

    • Douche both nostrils at least twice a day

  6. Start using the steroid spray if one has been prescribed to you once a day, 2 puffs into each nostril. This should be started 48 hours after surgery. Sprays should be applied after douching, not before.

  7. No work or school for up to 2 weeks following surgery.

  8. You can resume normal duties after 1 week if you feel up to it, but no heavy lifting or straining. 

  9. While you may fly at any point after your surgery, it is recommended that you avoid flying for 2 weeks. 

  10. You will be seen at around 3 months following surgery for your first post-operative visit. 

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